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XV International Indoor Football Tournament for Youth Under 13 (born in 2001) "AGC'2014"

FINAL AGC' 2014: LECHIA Gdańsk - EVERTON FC 2:1 (1:0)

The team , led by coach Robert Janik won the grand final EVERTON FC 2:1 (1:0) . Congratulations to Lechia achieve in such a good rate and recall devoured teams that historically the 28 tournaments Arka GDYNIA CUP , the fourth victory Lechia . This year's edition was exceptional. The event was attended by as many as five foreign guests - Everton FC , MSK Zilina , Bohemians 1905 Prague, IFK Haninge Stockholm and BATE Borisov . Surprisingly, the best in the tournament proved to be footballers Lechia Gdańsk , who won 2-1 in the finals of the English EVERTON FC from Liverpool City . The third place podium for Cracovia Kraków. This year's tournament was divided into three stages. In the first - Saturday teams competed in the three groups . Six of the best bands of the 12 participants in the AGC in 2014 were assigned to groups that competed Sunday for places 1-6 . (D and E) , the other bands played for places 7-12 . ( F and G). This was followed by the knockout of individual space. On Saturday, the team had fared MSK Zilina and Everton . Deserve particular attention sizes victories English.


Qualifiers - Results Saturday - 01.11.2014 :
Group A

BATE Borysów - Lechia Gdańsk 0:2
Zagłębie Lubin - Polonia Bytom 3:0
BATE Borysów - Polonia Bytom 1:0
Zagłębie Lubin - Lechia Gdańsk 1:4
BATE Borysów - Zagłębie Lubin 1:4
Polonia Bytom - Lechia Gdańsk 0:4


1. Lechia Gdansk - POL

2. Zagłębie Lubin - POL

3. FC BATE Borisov - BLR

4. Polonia Bytom - POL

Group B

Everton FC - Arka II Gdynia 8:2
Bohemians 1905 - Zawisza Bydgoszcz 2:2
Everton FC - Zawisza Bydgoszcz 8:1
Arka II Gdynia - Bohemians 1905 0:1
Everton FC - Bohemians 1905 2:2
Arka II Gdynia - Zawisza Bydgoszcz 0:9


1. Everton FC Liverpool - ENG

2. Bohemians 1905 Praha - CZE

3. Zawisza Bydgoszcz - POL

4. Arka II Gdynia - POL

Group C

Arka Gdynia - IFK Haninge 2:3
MSK Żylina - Cracovia 5:3
IFK Haninge - Cracovia 0:3
MSK Żylina - Arka Gdynia 2:1
IFK Haninge - MSK Żylina 1:1
Arka Gdynia - Cracovia 5:6


1. MŚK Źilina   - SLK

2. Cracovia Kraków - POL

3. IFK Haninge Stockholm - SWE

4. Arka Gdynia - POL

On Sunday, in 2.00 PM. held a demonstration football match I-League Profi team - "Arka" Gdynia (composition: David Kędra, Krzysztof Sobieraj, Michael Marcjanik, Przemysław Stolc, Robert Sulewski, Matthew Szwoch, Michael Rzuchowski, Michael Schubert, Arkadiusz Alexander, Martin Radzewicz and Pawel Wojowski) against "The Rest of the Europe, "the team consisting of coaches of teams playing in the AGC in 2014. In the latter he played in goal representative of the Polish Football Amp. Score 4-2 for the Arka. In the penalty shoot better "Rest of Europe" 4:3.

Set results of the second day of the tournament - 12.01.2014:

Group D

Lechia - Bohemians 1905 4:0

Lechia - MSK Żylina 1:1

Bohemians 1905 - MSK Żylina 2:2

 1. Lechia Gdańsk

 2. MSK Żylina

 3. Bohemians 1905 Praga

Group E

 Zagłębie - Everton FC 1:4

 Zagłębie - Cracovia 2:3

 Everton FC - Cracovia 7:2

 1. Everton FC

 2. Cracovia

 3. Zagłębie Lubin

Group F

 1. IFK Haninge

 2. FC BATE Borysów

 3. Arka II Gdynia

BATE - Arka II 4:1

BATE - IFK Haninge 1:2

Arka II - IFK Haninge 2:3

 Group G

Polonia - Zawisza 1:2

Polonia - Arka 0:8

Zawisza - Arka 1:3

 1. Arka Gdynia

 2. Zawisza Bydgoszcz

 3. Polonia Bytom

 Final matches:

 GREAT FINAL :               Lechia Gdańsk – Everton FC 2:1

 III PLACE MATCH:           MSK Żilina – Cracovia 1:1 k. 2:3

 V PLACE MATCH:           Bohemians 1905 Praha – Zagłębie Lubin 6:3

 VII PLACE MATCH:          IFK Haninge Stockholm – Arka Gdynia 5:3

 IX PLACE MATCH:           BATE Borisov – Zawisza Bydgoszcz 3:2

 XI PLACE MATCH:           Arka II Gdynia – Polonia Bytom 0:3


 1. Lechia Gdańsk             - POLAND

 2. Everton FC                   - ENGLAND

 3. Cracovia Krakow           -  POLAND

 4. MŚK Źilina                   - SLOVAKIA

 5. Bohemians 1905 Praga - CZECH REPUBLIC

 6. Zagłębie Lubin              - POLAND

 7. IFK Haninge Stockhholm - SWEDEN

 8. Arka Gdynia 2001       - POLAND

 9. FC BATE Borisov          - BELARUS

 10. Zawisza Bydgoszcz    - POLAND

 11. Polonia Bytom            - POLAND

 12. Arka II Gdynia 2002   - POLAND

THE CHAMPION AGC'2014 Under 13 - LECHIA Gdansk 





Were presented with individual awards. And so, in the category "THE BEST SCORER" won the Anthony Gordon (Everton FC - 12 goals)

in the category of "THE BEST PLAYER" - Jan Zamburek (Bohemians 1905 Prague),

in the category "BEST GOALKEEPER" - Wojciech Karwacki (Lechia Gdańsk).
In remembrance of all received original footballs BRAZUCA for World Cup 2014 and cups

Thank you for all the teams participating in the tournament. Thank you for creating a beautiful and friendly atmosphere. 
Thank for Team Leader's, volunteers and sponsors, including the most important - the City of Gdynia, petrochemical conglomerate ORLEN FUEL and SUPRA SPORT.
Photos and videos from the tournament can be found on our FB

We invite in January 2015 AGC'2015 Under 13


"ZAWISZA" Bydgoszcz in our Tournament

For unknown reasons, the tournament resign the club Wisla Krakow. This is not the attitude of FAIR PLAY for the organizers and all the clubs! Start a new club in the Polish Ekstraklasa "ZAWISZA" Bydgoszcz. WELCOME!

Tournament Game Plan remains unchanged.
On Friday 10 January 2014 at Bar Aperitif Cafe will be a meeting of all coaches with the organizers. Start the meeting: 21.00 (9.00 PM) at the Hotel Orbis Gdynia.



26 XII 2014 - We invite you to watch a short movie that advertises tournament. VIDEO IS HERE.

Beautiful Day in Gdynia City - VIDEO IS HERE:)



24 XII 2014 - All the clubs that will participate in the tournament we wish you joy, love, smile and friendly atmosphere during the Christmas holidays.





23 November 2013, the Official Draw Ceremony was held Groups XV International Junior Football Tournament Under 13 "Arka Gdynia CUP'2014". At the Main Stadium in Gdynia ceremony watched by 3000 people, and through the Orange Sport TV tens of thousands in Poland and Europe!

RESULTS group draw "Arka Gdynia CUP'2014"
Gdynia POLAND, Main Stadium, Saturday, 23 November 2013, at. 18.15


  FC BATE Borisov - Belarus                

 ZAGŁĘBIE Lubin - Poland                  

 POLONIA Bytom - Poland                    

 LECHIA Gdańsk - Poland                



 EVERTON FC - Great Britain                 

 BOHEMIANS 1905 Praha - Czech R.    

ZAWISZA Bydgoszcz - Poland             

 ARKA II Gdynia - Poland                     


IFK HANINGE Stockholm - Sweden        

  MSK ŹILINA - Slovakia                         

CRACOVIA Kraków - Poland                           

ARKA Gdynia - Poland                         


The draw was made:

Mayor of Gdynia City - WOJCIECH SZCZUREK

Ambassador Tournament - JANUSZ KUPCEWICZ

Director of City Sport Center Gdynia - MAREK ŁUCYK

Commission Vice-President of Sports RM Gdynia - PAWEŁ BRUTEL

Deputy Director of HSW "Gdynia Arena" - KRZYSZTOF BLUMKA

President of SSA Arka Gdynia - Wojciech Pertkiewicz



On 05-06 January 2013, our club now in its 14th held a prestigious nationwide football tournament for 13-year-old boys, which was played on artificial grass in the "GDYNIA ARENA". The tournament, which for many years under the patronage of the Mayor of Gdynia City Wojciech Szczurek and the World Cup medalist Janusz Kupcewicz - Arka Gdynia's most famous footballer in the history won the team SPARTA SYCEWICE (Pomerania Region), as one of the 16 participants in the previous edition of the tournament.
At our event every year to Gdynia arrives 12 - 16 very good teams, not just competing in sports but also exploring the most interesting places in our city, including sailing "Dar Pomorza", Museum Aquarium "Akwarium Gdyńskie" or pier and Promenade of Queen Marysienka in Gdynia Orłowo. Participants are accommodated in one of the best variety of accommodation that is located on the beach in the Hotel Orbis Gdynia ***, with excellent conditions for rest and unlimited access to the indoor swimming pool and ... sea view.
The "Arka Gdynia Cup" involved such well-known European clubs like Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Borussia Dortmund, Hamburger SV (DFB) and VFL 1848 Bochum.
The tournament also collects national leaders of clubs with companies such as Lech Poznan, Legia Warsaw, Ruch Chorzow, Widzew Lodz, etc. Our competition are also participating clubs less known but very well working with young people, even such as Stadion Slaski Chorzow or Rozwoj Katowice. The tournament is constantly evolving, resulting in the years 2010 and 2013 was carried out with the finals broadcast live on ORANGE SPORT TV.
The next edition of the competition is to gather at the start of the Polish leaders of clubs and invited foreign club with recognized expertise.
So, see you in January 2014.
XV tournament "Arka Gdynia CUP" in the Jubilee setting will be held on 11 -12.01.2014 year!


















Liczba odwiedzin: 1259714
Sportowe szkolenie dzieci i mlodziezy w SI Arka, wspolfinansowane jest przez gmine Gdynia.