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 International Indoor Football Tournament for Children and Youth „ARKA GDYNIA CUP”

ARKA GDYNIA CUP history tournament began in 2000. The first tournament under the name END OF WINTER gathered eight teams from Pomerania (Region in the North Poland) and the game was held in ... Reda. Apart from small cups for the tournament all participants received candy as a reward. The following year, the tournament has already been in Gdynia. Since 2002, the professionals are called Arka Gdynia CUP tournament and the winners each receive a large cup with the inscription "The Champion". The tournament, which since 2002 under the patronage of the President of Gdynia Wojciech Szczurek and the legend of the Arka Gdynia and the two-time participant in the World Cup Janusz Kupcewicz, gathered before the start of 133 clubs.

                                                              List of the Champions "ARKA GDYNIA CUP" 2000 - 2014

 In the picture below:

The Final 2006 - Under 14 (born 1992) BORUSSIA Dortmund - ARKA Gdynia 3:2


The list of teams participating in the "Arka Gdynia Cup" in the years 2000-2014














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Sportowe szkolenie dzieci i mlodziezy w SI Arka, wspolfinansowane jest przez gmine Gdynia.